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To get your true size, we recommend you strip down to your most comfy, non padded bra and undies. Rustle up that old tape measure, and pop it around the important parts, as shown below...

First off, stand in a relaxed position, breathe normally, and try not to suck in.

1. Measuring your bust : 

  • You want the measuring tape to go around the biggest part of your boobs without suffocating you, but still being able to hold there while you breathe easily. 

2. Measuring your waist : 

  • Wrap the tape around the smallest part of your waist. It should feel comfortable but not too tight.

3. Measuring your hips :

  • You may need to look in the mirror for this. Wrap the tape around the widest part of your booty & hips. This can be quite low in some women and higher in others.

4. Measuring your inseam : 

  • Often referred to by jean manufacturers, meaning the length of your leg. It's measured from your ankle to the start of your crotch. You may need some help for this, or you could dangle the tape measure from your ahem, crotch and pull it taught between your feet, then peek down at the number.
Below, we've popped in an International sizing chart, with measurements relating to each size.Something Like That sizing chart

If you're still a little stuck, here's a nifty vid we found to help you get measured up :

We hope you've found your correct size now but feel free to ask if you need a little more help at [email protected]
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